Welcome to RobinCovey.com, where you’ll find the right marketing and communications tools for you and your business! We offer ways to promote and increase your business, with events that offer something special for your ideal customer, and get people talking about you and your business.

We also help companies develop and maintain cost-effective corporate training, communication, and motivation strategies and tools.

Get the Word Out!
As a business owner, you have to grow and promote your business. Marketing and advertising can be intimidating, and setting up any event, including a virtual event, can be downright overwhelming. Let Robin Covey set up and manage your next event. All you need to do is to tell her what you need, then accept the compliments and enjoy the results!

Host an exciting live event, and then leverage that event into and additional online presence with webinars and teleseminars. A certified Virtual Event Manager, Project Manager, and experienced event planner, Robin can set up, manage, and then expand the reach of your next event. From booking the venue, to creating additional online presence and increasing your results from a single live workshop or presentation, Robin Covey takes care of all your event needs. You want an event that runs smoothly, offers real value to the attendees, and gets your business noticed. That’s exactly what Robin Covey Events does for you.

After planning the in-person appearance, seminar, or workshop, Robin and her team will record your seminar, speech, or classes. Then those recordings are edited to produce quality online programming for your ideal customers or clients who cannot attend in person. This increases your reach internationally, and allows a single event to continue to bring you marketing and sales results long after it ends!

Find out more about the services we offer to both plan and expand upon all kinds of events.

Spreading the Inside Word!
Does your company use events strictly for training and boosting company morale? Robin can help you develop and update cost-conscious online training solutions, and improve corporate communication and morale on a flexible schedule that doesn’t impact productivity or work-flow.

Your event dollars can be stretched even further than ever before. Robin takes live events, and records and repurposes them for online use. Using webinars, teleseminars, and blended training options, Robin Covey Events can help your company train, inform, and motivate your most precious resource; your associates! We can help you do it while saving you time, effort, and money.

Find out more about how we can plan and expand your internal corporate communications.

 Find out more about the services we offer to help you grow and streamline your business.

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